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How The Vanderbilt Uniquely adds a Romantic Twist to a Day Wedding?

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Every couple's love story is unique and their wedding should be a reflection of that. At The Vanderbilt at South Beach, we understand the importance of creating a day that's as special and individual as you are. 

In today's vlog, we'll explore the beauty and intimacy of a daytime wedding and how Brittany Felice, our expert wedding event planner, crafts the perfect wedding experience tailored to each couple's desires.

The Charm of Daytime "I Dos":

Imagine exchanging your vows with the soft, warm glow of the morning sun as your spotlight, and the rhythmic whispers of the ocean as your soundtrack. Day weddings at The Vanderbilt offer a refreshing alternative to the traditional evening ceremonies. The early start means more time to celebrate, a day filled with natural light perfect for photographs, and the unique opportunity to delight your guests with a brunch reception.

Brittany's Brunch Wedding Brilliance:

One couple's dream of "something different" was brought to life by Brittany Felice at The Vanderbilt. They desired a setting that was out of the ordinary – something memorable, intimate, and with a view that would leave their guests in awe. Brittany curated a brunch wedding package that allowed the couple to bask in the beauty of the day, offering a gourmet brunch spread that had all 200 guests raving about the experience.

The Vanderbilt Advantage:

Nestled with oceanfront views, The Vanderbilt is more than a venue; it's a slice of paradise in South Beach. The proximity to the beach and the panoramic vistas provide an unparalleled backdrop for your special day. Whether it's the soft morning light or the golden hues of the early evening, your wedding photos are guaranteed to be as breathtaking as the moments they capture.

Custom-Crafted Celebrations:

Brittany Felice doesn't just plan weddings; she brings visions to life. Understanding that no two couples are the same, she takes the time to know your story, your style, and your wedding day dreams. This personalized approach ensures that your wedding package is not just an event but an experience that reflects your journey together.

Make Memories That Last a Lifetime:

The Vanderbilt at South Beach isn’t just a venue, it’s the beginning of a lifetime of memories. Brittany and our team are dedicated to making every moment magical. From the initial tour of our stunning location to the final toast of your wedding brunch, we're here to ensure that every detail is nothing short of perfect.

Planning Where to Say I Do? 

If you're intrigued by the idea of a day wedding or picture yourself saying "yes" against the canvas of a spectacular oceanfront view, Let's make it a reality! Book a free tour with Brittany at The Vanderbilt and discover how your wedding day can be as radiant as the sunrise because your love story deserves nothing less. 

Contact us today to start planning the day you'll cherish forever.

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